Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a mutt of sorts: born in Texas, raised in Germany, currently living in Denver, Colorado where I’m still scared of pot and don’t smoke it because it once gave me panic attacks. I love to ski although I’m not the best at it, and I’m currently very sad that George Michael died, so Wham! has been on repeat in my house.

Like many precious others, I was born sensitive and with a keen awareness that life is hard, beautiful, strange and best navigated with a good pair of cowgirl boots, an honest heart and a courageous attitude. (My heart literally stopped when I was born. They thought I was dying. Even my infant self came into the world pretty overwhelmed and like…W.T.F?!)

I work as a therapist (read: shrink) and this blog is the place where I turn that lens on myself and attempt to observe and process the ongoing journey of being a real human. I like to to write about God, hard things, tacos, and all the tiny moments in between the big ones that teach us and help to connect us. The ones that remind us we’re all wayyyy more similar than different.

In addition to that, I love to travel, get upside down in gymnastics, visit my amazing friends around the world, read, laugh and practice yoga. I adore dogs, although I don’t have one yet, I’ve already picked out her name and bought toys for her, so we’ll see. I recently traded wine for coffee and tea, restarted my yoga practice, and nervously and excitedly launched this blog.

Thanks for reading! I’m so glad to have y’all, please pull up a chair and make yourself at home, you’re most welcome here. 🙂

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